Being a wedding photographer is more than a profession for me. It made me find my core. It made me find the LOVE in its multiple versions. It has taught me to find the balance between my dreams and my family. That’s why it is so important for me to perform my job with all the love that it gives me in return unconditionally.

My couples are with me on a daily basis and at the end, it is inevitable that they occupy an essential part of my heart. These are the reviews which I receive from them and in many occasions, they made me cry and remind me how lucky I am to earn a living with something that I love.

marina am

Marina A.

Sara getting those photos is no coincidence. Being with her at your wedding is a pleasure, she brought out the best in us, made us feel very comfortable and calm. She gives you a point of view that you have never imagined, seeing the photos is reliving and living for the first time moments that happen in one of the happiest days of your life. Thanks Sara for such an excellent job. Emotion is what one feels when he sees your work, I would never change the choice I made, I have the best memories for a lifetime. You're wonderful.

jane kim

Jane Kim

Sara was amazing to work with for our destination wedding in the Bahamas. Extremely professional and patient, she helped calm our nerves while ensuring that we got all the shots we wanted (plus some wonderful candids!). Could not have asked for a better photographer to spend the day with.

vanesa t

Vanesa T.

Since we met Sara's work, we knew that she would be in charge of our wedding. What we did not know was the beautiful person who was hiding behind each of the photos. Thanks to her and her professionalism everything was very easy. An unbeatable job that makes us get excited again every time we see it. Each of the photos convey what we were experiencing at the time. A service of 10 in charge of a better person still that we would hire a thousand times more !. Thank you Sara.