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Hi! I'm Sara Lobla

My name is Sara Lobla and i’m a photographer, or maybe i’m just a photographer and my name is Sara Lobla. Don’t know exactly what came first.

To be honest i can’t merely remember when was the first time i pressed a camera button. Surely i should rewind to past quite far in time.

What is indelible is the idea of how from a remote moment, an innocent concern for photography was becoming slowly, bit by bit and unconsciously, in the most substantial part of my life.

A remote moment in which I began to collect memories, in which my family always cleverly tried to hide from my little camera lens, and in which my pictures used to cut almost all the feet of my models.

Even if you try to deny it or even ignore it, you can never escape a great love.

Great love is stronger enough to be avoided. Even if you escape to a Nordic country or change your identity and dye your hair to redhead. This idea has always been present in my life and has been the one that, although taking many detours and taking a little longer than planned, has brought me to this concrete moment.

Photography came back to find me, although we had never be separated, it came back in such a strong way that it destroyed everything that was not worth it. At the age of 28, I invested all my savings to study the knowledge I needed, and shortly after studying, I was already making a living with my camera. Since then everything has been an intense path.

However everything has started to change, and now I feel that the most important thing in my life is my son, he is my source of inspiration, in the unconditional love I see every time I look him in the eye.

That’s when I realize, that’s what I want to portray all over the world, that unconditional love that i see and feel with “insignificant” things (many times insignificant to the human eye), like the fall of a leaf, the flowering of a flower , the wrinkles of a pensive old woman … because after all, every day act can be extraordinary if we are able to see love in it.

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