• Do you offer albums?

Sure! I love the idea of picking up an album any day and lie on the sofa while I remember past stories. For this, I do have two different styles and several types of packages. Do not hesitate to ask me for more details.

• Do you offer elopement weddings?

Are you asking seriously? A day running with splendid people in wonderful places photographing nothing more than love and happiness? Of course, I do. Call me as soon as possible. I would love to.

• How does the payment work?

I make it easy and I like to personalize this process with all my couples, always having a minimum first payment of 500.- euros plus VAT (only in Europe) and the rest of the amount one week before the wedding.

• How do I get my photos?

Times have changed and we do not use any more CDs or memory sticks since not everyone owns powerful computers for high quality photos. I make your life easier. You will have access to an online personal gallery with all the pictures edited and in high resolution. And what is better, you can share the gallery directly with your family and friends.

• What types of weddings do you photograph?

I simply love portraying every type of love that decides to be celebrated under whatever ritual. It does not matter the culture, place or size of the wedding; only your love story and how you would like to remember it, I would be there.

I believe that in a usual way, I tend to be surrounded by nature and create natural weddings.

• Which area do you cover? Do you make destinations and escapes?

Of course! I portray weddings mainly in Spain, California and Florida but I also move around the world. Each different area has an extra pricing according to the move and accommodation. You can call me or email me for more details.

• What coverage is included in the package?

Everything depends on how comfortable you feel. I really love to capture a detail in each moment of the day, which means I like to be there during all the preparation. When the couple spends some time with their mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, cousins and close friends. Whoever who has been invited to prepare and organise the day with them. And I can stay until the party starts. Most of my couples like me to be with them, at least, one hour during the dance, when the liquor starts flowing and people do not want to be portrayed anymore [haha].

I have three packages per hour that start with six hours, eight hours or twelve hours. I am always happy to work with couples that need more or less coverage and can provide easily the right and personalized contribution.

• What is a second and why do we need it?

The second photographer is a person in which I thoroughly trust to come with me to your wedding. He will be everywhere where I will be so we make sure to obtain all the important details. For instance, while I will be taking photos to the familiars, he will be taking photos during the cocktail party. He will also make me easier to spend some time during the rituals before the ceremony since the boys and girls get ready in different places, especially in the weddings celebrated not in Spain. Not all the weddings need a second photographer but I do recommend it for bigger weddings. However, I cover most of the weddings alone. If you have any doubts it would be better to talk and study your preference in detail so I may suggest you the best option.

• What is Fruis Look? Is it necessary to make one?

If it makes you feel comfortable, I encourage you to do it. I love to photograph the first looks from far. It creates really treasured memories. It also helps to make the day less stressful and brings you the opportunity to spend some funny and private moments together. It can help (depending on how much time do you have that day) to take all the wedding photos before the ceremony. This leaves time to enjoy the ceremony and worry about the familiar photos later, so, the remaining time will be to enjoy.

• What can we expect in our final package? Do you offer impressions?

Your final package will vary according to the product hired. However, the high quality and without any waterproof photos will be always handed through a digital platform. This gallery will be activated for a year. You can share the gallery with your family and friends and they could download all the pictures they like. In the case of hiring an album, you will always find a surprise with the packaging; but you will have to wait for that.

• Are engagement sessions recommended?

100% yes. Firstly, it gives us the opportunity to get to know better before your wedding. Secondly, it gives you the opportunity to feel comfortable in front of a camera (it is not so terrifying, I promise!). Lastly, it provides you photos to memorise the marvellous moment that you spend during your engagement.

• Can we obtain the uncut photos as well as the edited ones?

No, I do not provide uncut photos since they are an unfinished product. Could you imagine a person in a restaurant asking a chef for the raw ingredients that are going to be used for the dish? Probably you would feel in shock in such situation. Joking apart, I understand that you want all the photos, including the discarded ones; but you are hiring a professional photographer to obtain a finished product, in a unique style. Part of the creation process of a beautiful photo is the post edition work. You will receive high quality edited pictures of you big day.

• What equipment do you use to shoot?

I work with two Sonny bodies. One 7RIV, a 35mm lens and another Sonny 7ill 85mm. apart from two Profoto flashes and plenty of accessories.

• When will we obtain our photos?

You will receive them in 4-8 weeks after your wedding. You will receive a preview with some pictures the same day of the wedding or 2-3 days after that. If the working season is especially busy, you will find detailed in the contract that you may receive them after the period of 4-8 weeks.

• What happens if we have special photo requests, ideas or concerns?

Personally, I love to meet all my couples before confirming the session or wedding. The 99% of the times we do it through Skype or any other similar platform. It is great to have the chance to debate any single idea or concern and to review all the wedding timeline. It also helps me to know more about you and to get familiar with your way of expressing emotions. I will also send you a document (a month before) asking you some important questions to be able to perform a great and complete work.

• Do you photograph cultural weddings as Jewish, Indian or any others?

Of course, I have been and I have photographed plenty of weddings from other cultures and styles below the sun. I love to learn about other cultures, religions and traditions. It is really fascinating and it is one of the things that I like more of my job. I believe it is wonderful to see all the ways in which people celebrate love.

Wedding photographers get specialized in weddings. We know how to anticipate certain moments, capture intangible instants and so on. If you are worried about any aspect of your wedding due to the cultural or religious tradition, we can talk about it with total transparency in our first meeting.

• How many photos will we receive?

The number of photos depends on the number of coverage hours, the number of guests and the part of the day. You will receive minimum 500 edited photos for the wedding sessions and a minimum of 100 edited photos for the engagement.

• Do you only portray weddings?

Of course not! I photograph engagements, family, maternity, private parties as birthdays, bat mitzvah, sweet 16 and everything family-related. In addition, I do some fashion sessions since I come from this sector and I love mixing aesthetic and emotions.

• Do you take group photos?

Yes. A wedding is a celebration of a new family. That’s why I strongly believe that family photos are an essential part in a wedding day. Some days before your wedding you will receive a questionnaire. You could add a list of the priority groups from your family and friends that you would like to be photographed.

• What is a photo session after the wedding? Do I need it?

The photo session after the wedding is an extra day of shooting of a couple with the wedding suit. Maybe you have always dreamt about a photo session in the romantic Paris or in the sunk Venice; maybe you want to fly to Island or to the Hawaiian beaches or simply you have never been to the Top of the Rock in New York but you love the idea of wedding photos from the rooftop terrace. Lately I have been recommending to my couples the idea of rejecting part of the photo session and having another day of shooting without any stress or hurry. This will definitely help to have more time to prepare the ceremony and spend more time as well with the family and friends in a cocktail party and the most important, not being late for any of these.

• May I ask you about the process of shooting?

Sure! I’m really glad to be your assistant. Indeed, it is a great opportunity to make your wedding session more fluid from the very beginning. We can choose in advance the best places to take the photos, plan the route, assign the most suitable time of shooting, decide which aspects should be most relevant and so on. I understand that for most of you it’s the first time you plan a wedding but I get married almost every weekend [hehe]. Let’s make this day to be unique and unforgettable!

• Do you travel? Do you charge for travelling?

Yes, all my weddings are destination weddings even if it is in my own country. Whenever you go, I will be there for you.

I offer my services all around the world. Since I am located in Spain, the charge will vary depending on the location and the distance from Madrid. I travel a lot and I suggest you checking with me your itinerary. Maybe I am next to your area at that time and this may avoid you paying extra charge for your wedding.